Thematic Playlists

Over time, we’ll be assembling a number of playlists based around a center theme or idea, with a bit of narration and introduction in between. These are by no means definitive, but they’re some of the best tracks we can find, and a great deal of fun to lose yourself in for an hour.


The Power Metalhead & The Sea

The maiden voyage of our thematic playlists, this one is high-energy and stuffed to the gills with melody, buccaneering, and discovery.

The Power Metalhead & The Sea Part II

Our second sequester onto the high seas finds captain Arno taking a more pensive and subtle view on the matter. There’s more of a progressive tinge here, and the subject turns from piracy to matters of honor, love, and betrayal.

Powerheads in Space

Our foray into space brings us some varied power/prog songs that share a similar theme: a fascination with what lies beyond our own world.

A Power-Riffic Hallow’s Eve 2011

Our offering of spooky tunes for a quiet Hallween spent dispensing candy to passers-by.

Singing In The Rain!

Subtle, driving, or melancholy, rain is an emotional phenomenon, and Arno’s playlist covers the whole spectrum.

Swedish Metal Day 2011

All hail the mighty Swedes! Masters of metal of every style and flavor!

R.I.P Playlists (Metal musicians who have passed on)

Jon Lord

Dagg’s dedication to Deep Purple’s organist extraordinaire and his signature sound, immortalized as “The Beast”.

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