Titans Eve – Life Apocalypse

August 6, 2012 in Reviews by Kylie

Titans Eve
Life Apocalypse

Why is it that every new thrash band feels the need to distance themselves from actual thrash? Melodic death metal can be bad enough sometimes with its “Iron Maiden-minus-creativity” stylings, but at least it has the decency to not associate itself with actual thrash. Sure, the genre peaked in 1986 (with Dark Angel’s Darkness Descends and Kreator’s Pleasure To Kill, among others), but the other branches of thrash are not without their milestones; Heathen’s Victims Of Deception wins for second wave “progressive” thrash, and from days not so long passed,Torture Squad’s Pandemonium and Kreator’s Hordes Of Chaos will sate your appetite and yet still leave you wanting more.

Titans Eve’s second full-length, Life Apocalypse, is not one of these. It’s the worst parts of “modern” and “thrash”, like Trivium and Asking Alexandria with just enough good ideas to lure you into thinking that maybe, just maybe, this song will redeem itself. It’s rarely the case…

To start with, the intro, “Overcast,” and the interludes “Descension” and “A Wound That Never Heals” are throwaways. The opener, “Destined To Die” drives a plodding midtempo riff (played for over a minute to open the song) into the ground with only a decent chorus to even warrant giving a listen. Also, “hooray gang vocals!” Road To Ruin” and “The Abyss” manage to pick up the pace a bit, and have some good lead work thrown around, but nothing memorable. “Life Apocalypse” and “Hollow Gods” are actually quite decent, managing to mask all of the Gothenberg influence for a bit and get in a bit of quality thrash riffing.

The last three tracks, “Divided We Fall,” “Frozen In Time,” and “The Void” return to more boring, plodding riffs, and no headbanging material to be had. So yeah, consider this to be a warning (unless you’re 14 and think Avenged Sevenfold are the greatest band ever, then you might enjoy this).

Yes, the lead work is solid, but the vocals and riffs are a total loss. Two tracks are worth checking out, and the rest is best left for high schoolers bummed because their parents just don’t get them.

 Kylie’s rating: 2.0 out of 5