Until Rain – Anthem To Creation

October 15, 2013 in Reviews by Arno Callens

Until Rain-Anthem To CreationUntil Rain – Anthem To Creation (2013)

Reviewed by Arno Callens

Greece is probably the last place you’d expect the next great prog revelation to come from (aside from Papua New Guinea, perhaps). Think again. Until Rain has only been active for about four years, and is already proving that they can play ball with the greats of Scandinavia. Anthem To Creation is their sophomore effort, and one that has blasted them from obscurity to front-runners in this year’s melodic prog race.

It is very refreshing not having to name-check Dream Theather or Symphony X when reviewing music of this kind. Until Rain straddles a line between Illusion Suite’s emotional intensity and Circus Maximus’ soft-spoken touch. Even that description is deliberately vague, as Anthem To Creation is not easily pigeonholed into one particular group. It’s heavy, it’s heartfelt, it’s utterly melodic and engrossing. And it’s definitely not Dream Theater of Symphony X.

An extra commendation goes to the album’s structure. Drawing you in with fast and furious cuts such as “Brain Death” and “Think Again”, Until Rain warms you up to their sound so they can carry you through epics “Empty Helmet” and “Anthem To Creation”. None of the latter feel lengthy (despite a whopping 18 minutes on the title track), because by then you’ll be as caught up as Captain Hook in a coat-hanger factory. Creative riffing, soaring vocals, twists and turns; at a running length of one hour and eighteen minutes, Until Rain never allows the mind to wander.

And it’s catchy. Not just the choruses of the aforementioned songs, but also “My Own Blood”, and what must be one of the most bad-ass song titles of the year, “The Clang Of Shields”. Illusion Suite set the bar very high this year with The Iron Cemetery, but Anthem To Creation almost – just almost – gives it a run for its money where the choruses are concerned. I like my prog as infectious as possible, and Until Rain has answered my every prayer.

Anthem To Creation is long, but it sucks you in so easily you would never notice. A few tracks may not stick right away, and closer “Marionettes” feels like dessert after dessert, but this is far from the trial other prog bands put us through. Until Rain delivers one of the year’s finest genre releases out of nowhere, and I can’t wait to see what they do next. Buy an umbrella maybe?

4.25 // 5