Victorius – The Awakening

October 21, 2013 in Reviews by Chris Foley


Victorius The Awakening (2012)

Written by Christopher Foley

Two years after their decidedly third rate debut release Unleash The Titans, the German power metal troupe Victorius returned with their sophomore effort, The Awakening. As I hinted in my review for Unleash The Titans, the band would really step up their game here.

Absolutely everything on here is vastly superior when compared to the band’s debut affair. David Baßin’s vocals are friendlier on the ears, with vocal lines that are actually good and sing-able. The guy must have gotten in some serious practice (or utilized some studio magic) between their debut and The Awakening, as his performance here is well done and energetic, with an endearing quality similar to that of Dragonforce frontman Marc Hudson – certainly a far cry from the amateur trappings rife in their last album.

Most impressive though, is the overall increase in musical quality. Victorius delivers an unadulterated speedy power metal approach which immediately springs to mind the likes of Dragonforce, Ascension, Power Quest, and Cellador. I’m particularly reminded of early Dragonforce, as this is pure Valley Of The Damned worship. Fortunately, they avoid becoming a mere clone, and I’d definitely say Victorius is a little more dynamic than Dragonforce ever has been, thanks to some cracking mid-paced numbers like “Under Burning Skies” and “Demon Legions”.

There’s a lot to like here, from the prior mentioned vocals to the blazing guitars, and all the way up to the speedy rhythm section. Listening to stellar numbers such as “Starfire”, “Lake Of Hope”, and “Metalheart” really remind me of how fun the genre can be, and while these tracks do little to change the wheel, they’re nonetheless perfectly enjoyable romps; instantly accessible, and with a decent amount of replay value.

With very little in the way of flaws, Victorius has really proved themselves a talent on their sophomore effort. The album is driving throughout, and I’d say each song is enjoyable, despite becoming a little samey here and there. When they’re really on the money, Victorius show plenty of promise, and I’m sure if you have a love for power metal these songs will have you smiling throughout. Fun and energetic, applied to a tried and true formula, Victorius won’t change any minds on the genre; for those who love it though, I’d certainly recommend this.

 3.5 // 5