Wizard – Trail Of Death

September 20, 2013 in Reviews by Arno Callens

Wizard_TrailOfDeath_CoverWizard – Trail Of Death (2013)

Written by Arno Callens

Wizard is a fun band. Not too serious, not too goofy, just uncompromising Teutonic heavy/power metal that doesn’t require too much brain function. I don’t mean this to be offensive, on the contrary, sometimes you just have to shout about silly things and fist-bump the air.

Despite all this, I found their previous offering … Of Wariwulfs And Bluotvarwes, to be a bit lacking in everything but difficult spelling. Luckily, Trail Of Death is back on the right – uh – path with some ass-kicking rockers that’ll have you singing along before you realize that the rest of the bus is staring at you…

“Creeping Death” shares its title with a certain American thrash band past its prime, but it’s a legitimately effective opener in its own right. The riffs hit, the chorus sticks, what more do you want? “Electrocution” and “Black Death” are cut from the same cloth, deliberately light-hearted in their darkness.

Less memorable is “Angel Of Death” (all this album misses is some sort of Megadeth-reference), as it is a bit on the plodding side. The other angel, the “Angel Of The Dark”, fares much better, boasting a grand refrain immediately worthy of howling along. The album isn’t shy of a few fillers, such as the Manowar-ish “We Won’t Die For Metal”, but overall it’s an entertaining ride.

A few criticisms aside, Trail Of Death is a cut above …Of Waterfalls And Boomerangs (sorry, the spelling is killing me) and would make for a fine double act with Mystic Prophecy’s Killhammer. Set your mind to zero, volume up to eleven, and headbang yourself into a fancy neckbrace.

3.5 // 5