Wisdom – Marching For Liberty

September 30, 2013 in Reviews by Arno Callens

CoverWisdom – Marching For Liberty (2013)

Reviewed by Arno Callens

I have been mean to Wisdom in the past. When I reviewed their sophomore record Judas I thought them a capable but repetitive band. Since then, much has changed. “Fallin’ Away From Grace” is still the best song ever to sing along to, and I have picked up the debut Words Of Wisdom in the process. Yet I stand by my original opinion: Wisdom could do better. And whaddaya know? They have.

With stupidly catchy, easily digestible music, Wisdom could have strayed effortlessly into Sabaton and Powerwolf territory. What sets March Of Liberty apart is a dependence on guitars, whereas the aforementioned bands rely too heavily on keys. I enjoy a slice of “Ghost Division” or “Amen & Attack” as much as the next power nut, but their instant gratification makes for a decided lack of longevity. The extended attention to riffs and leads will lead to a much larger legacy, and Wisdom is playing the game right.

Of course this is still Wisdom: happy-go-lucky power metal that modern day Freedom Call can only dream of. Hyperkinetic hymns like “Dust Of The Sun”, “God Rest Your Soul”, and “Take Me To Neverland” are highs of a formula that’s tried and proven. Wisdom also acquired some aggression in the spell between albums. “War Of Angels” is a dashboard-smashing delight, as is “The Martyr”. Special mention goes to “Failure Of Nature” (an apt title considering the chorus sounds a lot like “Somewhere Alone” from Judas) and “Marching For Liberty”, where Fabio Lione gatecrashes an overlong party. Wisdom works best in short bursts of three to four minutes, so an eight minute track was slightly too ambitious.

On March Of Liberty, all the good things about Wisdom have remained, and (most of) the bad things have gone. It’s leaner, meaner, and above all: you can tell the songs apart. March Of Liberty is a huge step in the right direction, the band’s finest album to date, and one that should someday see them billed above the bands that they now support. Wisdom is already beating them at their own game.

4.0 // 5